Custom Badges and Box labels for LENOVO OEM Hardware

Branding and design services for Custom Badges and Box labels for LENOVO OEM Hardware

For businesses that recognise the importance of branding to enhance their corporate image, we provide unique, high quality custom Badges and Box labels for LENOVO OEM Hardware.

We currently supply 1000’s custom Badges and Box labels every year to companies in the UK, Europe, USA and across the world, giving them the opportunity to replace the traditional LENOVO branding on their servers with their own logo or design.

Rather than promote someone else’s business, you can benefit from all the technical attributes of your LENOVO hardware, but increase brand awareness through the installation of your own, personalised OEM Badges and Box labels – putting your business in the spotlight.

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Lenovo OEM Badges and Box labels

Branding your LENOVO OEM Hardware – the process

Unique in the computer industry for their provision of only custom-built products, we work closely with our partners at LENOVO, and other resellers of their products, to ensure that your OEM hardware is branded to your specific design criteria.

Once your branding enquiry is passed onto our team, we’ll work with you to identify the best design for your server hardware – this may be:

  • Your existing corporate identity e.g. company logo
  • A fresh piece of branding designed to fit the shape and dimensions
  • A combination of the two

You may wish to engage with a graphic designer to help you, view our custom gallery for inspiration, or we’ll be happy to offer suggestions based on your specific requirements.

When you’ve decided on the design, we’ll manufacture a sample branded Badges and Box labels for your OEM hardware and send it to you for approval. Our strict quality standards give us complete confidence that you’ll be entirely satisfied with the product – and upon confirmation, we’ll go on to produce the remainder of your order, whether you require 1 or 200!

Benefits of branding your Badges and Box labels with TLS

Our exclusive position as the sole, dedicated supplier of custom design solutions for LENOVO OEM Hardware, along with our exceptional in-house production facilities and high levels of stock allows us to boast the fastest turnaround times – with no compromise on quality.

Your branded vinyl skins and badges are designed and applied with complete precision and attention to detail – no marks or dinks, just a perfectly smooth and professional finish.

Options for the design of your custom Badges and Box labels include:

  • Any design, any colour – including white on colour printing
  • The badge element of your Badges and Box labels can be flattened using our pioneering technology, removing this design requirement if preferred
  • Colour matching can be catered for on the provision of your specific colour reference, such as a Pantone code
  • Custom branding available on all Badges and Box labels sizes

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For more information on how to upload your design or to access our Badges and Box labels design templates, please visit our FAQs page – or to speak to a member of our team, please call +44 (0) 207 118 0109.

Custom Server Badges and Box labels for LENOVO OEM Hardware