FAQs about our branded, custom Badges and Box labels for LENOVO OEM Hardware


Q: What Models of LENOVO hardware are available for new designs?

A. All type of Lonovo Hardware including servers, laptops, desktops and monitors.

Q. How do we create a new design for our LENOVO OEM Hardware?

The custom Badges and Box labels usually comprise a vinyl skin or printed pantone colour and a badge, and there are several ways to create a design with your corporate logo or design:
1. Take an existing corporate design and incorporate it into the design on the Badges and Box labels.
2. Ask a graphic designer to create a design for you.
3. Ask TLS to provide some suggestions.
For inspiration, please look at the comprehensive gallery that we’ve created.

Q. What do you need for the badge?

In order to produce your custom Badges and Box labels, you’ll need to provide a high resolution graphic in any format (jpg, png, pdf, eps, ai, etc) and the background colour pantone reference.

Q. What sizes/shape are the Badges and Box labels?

AA. We can accommodate special shapes as well as standard:
• Round
• Rectangular
• Square
• Oval
• Hexagonal

Q: We have specific colours that we must use for our corporate identity, can you help?

A. For printing purposes a Pantone reference is used. If you have other print colour references that we can match, then please let us know.

Q: Can you match a colour sample if we send it to you?

A. Yes – if you send us a sample we’ll match it as closely as possible and send you a sample print for comparison.

Q: We would like a sample of our customised Badges and Box labels design – how much does this cost?

A: We provide this service free of charge. Please contact us to make arrangements.

Q: How long does it take for a custom Badges and Box labels to be manufactured?

A. The custom Badges and Box labels are produced within 10 working days.

Q. We’d like to purchase our custom Badges and Box labels direct from TLS - is this possible?

A. Yes LENOVO is happy for you to purchase the Badges and Box labels from LENOVO, directly or through a reseller.

Q. What locations do you supply the custom Badges and Box labels to?

A. We export the custom Badges and Box labels worldwide..

Q. What other products do TLS supply?

A. We produce a range of security plates for laptops and computers that can be found on our other website, via the link.